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Video Editing, Graphic Design, Instagram Growth Hacking

YouTube: Upgrading Content and Developing a Strategy

At the start of my time with Rich20Something, I was tasked with revamping their YouTube channel and Facebook page as well as making their videos look more professional. I did an in-depth analysis of all their video content and, after discovering which videos performed the best, set a publishing schedule for weekly videos. This scheduled content was designed to give value to Rich20Something's audience while simultaneously reeling in new leads for their products. All videos were linked to related content to encourage longer watch sessions and featured links to lead magnets in order to build their email list.

I created new thumbnails for older content and optimized their metadata for search. I also optimized the channel itself by creating a new banner image and organizing all content into playlists. All future content was sent to me for editing and posting to YouTube and Facebook. I made a slick new intro for their videos (which they use to this day); all creatives were made with the intent of setting the Rich20Something brand apart from the multitude of other online entrepreneur trainings out there and appealing to millenials.

Instagram: Accelerated Growth and Content Creation


As the social media manager for the company, I had to make sure that I published high quality photos that resonated with Rich20Something's following AND that I published regularly. I created dozens of photos that I posted 3 times a day to Instagram, asking questions to encourage discussion and answering any inquiries from fans.

To grow the account's following, I collaborated with influencers in the entrepreneurial space to promote the company's Instagram to hundreds of thousands of new eyes. Quality content can only go so far; through the strategic use of hashtags and collaborations, I was able to maintain consistent monthly growth.


Here's a break-down of what I did for Rich20Something:

  • Updated Youtube channel and Facebook page by organizing content and creating new thumnails and banner images
  • Edited video content for online consumption
  • Developed posting strategy to generate new leads and foster current relationships with audience
  • Created new intro for use in all video content
  • Advised creative team on best practices for YouTube and Facebook
  • Consistently grew Instagram following by thousands every month
  • Created and posted content regularly to Instagram

Kahriq is a fantastic worker with a great mind for visuals and growth hacking strategy. His video expertise helped me take my YouTube presence to the next level. Super talented!

Daniel DiPiazza
Daniel DiPiazza Rich20Something

The fundraising video Kahriq shot for us was great! I always call him whenever we need a videographer. Very creative, easy to work with, and willing to go the extra mile to get the perfect shot. Highly recommended!

Stacie Whisonant
Stacie Whisonant PYT Funds

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